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A unique gift for your loved one! Submit a photo and receive a beautiful portrait that will last a lifetime.


All my portrait commissions are genuine, 100% handmade in acrylic or oil paint without ANY digital manipulation.


Be aware that many "artists" on Etsy or other platforms sell "handmade" portraits that are digitalized copies of photos on which filters are applied to look like paint. No technique can compare with real paint with regards to appearance or lasting value.


I paint on gesso-primed, blank canvases with professional grade paint, mediums and varnish that ensure color vibrancy, interesting textures and durability. 

The end result is a portrait where realism and resemblance are key but where I also express my subjectivity, through abstract effects, especially in the background. 


What photo works? Any photo should work as long as the light and level of detail are enough. All features need to be clear. If in doubt please submit your photo by email ( and I will let you know.


Acrylic or oil paint? By default I paint with acrylics. If you prefer oil paint, let me know.  In that case, the price will increase slightly. Please contact me for more information.


How long does it take? The process takes between three and four weeks to complete from the moment the photo is submitted. 


Paint: I use professional grade paint and varnish to maximize color vibrancy and durability. 


Canvas: 100% cotton stretched canvas back stapled to a 5/8" wooden frame.


Size: If you would like a size that is not listed please contact me.


Signature: I sign all my paintings on the front of the canvas and date them on the back. Let me know if you wish otherwise.


Framing (Additional cost): Let me know if you would like a custom frame. Depending on the painting's colors and your style, I can recommend different options.

Handmade Custom Portrait

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • We will be in touch during the entire process and I will make sure that the portrait meets your needs.

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